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Business Focus

There are many organisations, initiatives and development programmes currently active  in Torquay and around the bay in general. This list will hopefully give you some idea of who's who and what's what. TQCC is either a member of or works closely with these to further business development in the area.


Torbay Council

Contacts:- Steve Darling/Darren Cowell


Torbay Business Forum

Is a voluntary organisation set up to help bring together businesses - professionally and socially. 

Contact:- Steve Reynolds 


Tel:- 01626 366750

TDA Group

An award winning provider of business and property services, workspace management and affordable housing.

Contact:- Alan Denby, Divisional Director Economy, Environment & Infrastructure | Place 


Tel:- 01803 926310

Brixham Chamber of Commerce

Contact:- Matthew Crabtree 


Tel:- 01803 855210

Paignton Chamber of Commerce

Contact:- Sally Cope


Tel:- 07963 959859

Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust

Is a partner of the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark, caring for the Geopark's places from cliff tops to beaches, woodlands to working fishing ports, country parks and nature reserves.

Contact:- Ray Bedder (Chair)


Tel:- 01803 520022

English Riviera Bid Company

Funded by a levy collected by the council, the Bid company's primary role is promoting inbound tourism to the bay on a local, national and international basis.

Contact:- Carolyn Custerson  CEO 


Tel:- 01803 211211

South  Devon  College

Contact:- Laurence Frewin  Principal and CEO


Tel:- 0800 0380123

Torbay Culture

Their mission is to ‘enable the cultural and creative development of Torbay through collaboration, making our home – the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark - a better place in which to live, work, learn and visit.’

Contact:- Jacob Brandon Chair 

Email:- C/O The TDA (see above)


Quarterly On line meetings with "stake holders" re Crime and  ASB 

Contact:- Inspector Andrea Kingdon


TCDT (Torbay  Community  Development  Trust )

Enabling Torbay to be a place where all feel included and can be involved in growing a connected, vibrant, thriving, creative and prosperous community.   

Contact:- Tracey Cabache


Torre and  Upton Community  Partnership 

Community Partnership for  Torre and Upton part of the  Neighbourhood plan ; constituted group with treasurer and minutes 

Contact:- Margaret Forbes Hamiliton 


Tel:- 01803 389288

Wellswood Community Partnership 

Community Partnership for Wellswood  part of the  Neighbourhood plan ; constituted group with treasurer and minutes ( these are just 2  of the  Partnerships which make up the  Neighbourhood plan )  

Contact:- John Rawson 


Tel:- 01803 214356

Torquay  Town  Centre Partnership 

Group of traders; unconstituted group/no minutes/no treasurer

Contact:- Roger Walters 


Development programmes/initiatives

Town  Deal  Board (TDT) : plan commenced 2019 

£21.9 million allocated to  Torquay by Central Government for the improvement of the Town; projects discussed/assessed and then allocated the funding.

Contact:- Vince Flower ( Chair ) / Kevin  Foster MP  ( Vice  Chair ) 


Tel:- 01803 873033 (Vince Flower)


Council purchased site for £2 million. Requested a further £2 million from the  TDT (see above) for demolishing the site. This sum was then subsequently re-assigned as "acquisition". Requested sight of the Business plan multiple times. Very little progress; plans publicised by  TDA; no progress regarding the site as yet.


The Pavilion 

Intention was to "cover" the Pavilion to allow work to assess the extent of the deterioration. Initially the cost was  circa £350k. At the last meeting in January 2023 the cost for covering had ballooned to £2.5 million. Sight of the quotes has been requested to clarify reasons for increase in costs but the Council have refused claiming that this information is "commercially sensitive". No progress.

Premier Inn 

Council  decided that they would build a hotel on the Terrace Care ( Council owned)partnered with Premier Inn. Midas who were the construction firm subsequently ceased trading in Nov/Dec 2022. There is apparently a penalty clause of £600,000 that Premier Inn can invoke for the project no being completed within the contracted time. Have asked for confirmation from the Council but to date have neither confirmed or denied. In addition there is the question of a potential payment of £600k per annum for the term of the lease ( 47 years) to be paid to Premier Inn. This has not been confirmed or denied by the council. To date the new  Contractor Willmott Dixon is yet to sign contract to recommence building. Contract in place for tidying and making the site safe but as yet no progress on the completion of the project.. 


Union Square 

Initially the plans were to bring  Torbay Hospital Integrated Care into the area along with housing for low wage earners. Talks did not progress with  Hospital. Council then appointed "specialists" to assess the area and give more ideas. Eventually in Jan 2023  Council purchased site ; no progress as yet. 

Strand Development 

Plans were drawn up by local architect to reduce carriageways to one each way in front of Hoopers etc . Bus stops would be relocated to  Cary  Green and the taxi rank moved to the other side of the harbour.  The overall intention of the plan is to increase the pavement area to allow more café culture. Tenders have been sent out  twice but no contractors have expressed an interest therefore no tangible progress.

GPO Roundabout

Project was to improve the pedestrianisation of the area and several alternatives were presented to the public in  Dec 2022 without costings. Despite two of the ideas apparently being appealing the Council will have to re publicise when costed. No progress .

Living Coasts 

Prior to the  Pandemic  developers approached the Council to purchase  Living Coasts with the intention of creating a sea museum and incorporating the adjacent beach for disabled  Water Sports and a world class  jet ski and other water orientated attractions. Wild  Planet Trust ( part of  Paignton  Zoo ) were approached but the  Council intervened and said that they would negotiate. Living Coasts closed and has remained closed since and despite news that a deal was about to be signed, it appears that is no longer on the table and therefore no further progress has been made.


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