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Pavilion leads levelling up propsal

“Levelling Up bids need to meet one of three criteria - economic growth, improved transport, and regeneration - ours did not meet any of those,” he said, adding that it is 'wrong to blame the government' for the bid’s failure.

Cllr Bye said Torbay had the chance to secure vital funding to improve Torquay Pavilion. Bridgend County Borough Council, Rother District Council in East Sussex and the Borough of Broxbourne Council in Greater London all made successful bids that mentioned pavilions in round two.

“Three bids that were successful were for pavilions,” he explained. “We’ve got a pavilion down there that needs £10-12million spending on it. No-one knows what we’re going to do with it or where the money’s going to come from. Well, there was your money. It makes you weep.”

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